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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in Scotland

Buy lost pension calculator



You can pay additional pension contributions to buy back lost pension if you are away from work with no pay. You can do this if you are in either the main or 50/50 section of the LGPS.

If you elect to buy back the lost pension within 30 days of returning to work your employer will meet two thirds of the cost (unless you were on strike). You can spread the cost of buying the lost pension by making regular payments from your salary or you can pay by lump sum. If you pay tax, you will get tax relief on the additional contributions you make.

Sometimes you will still be building up pension if you are away from work with no pay, such as sickness. If this applies there is no lost pension to buy. See the terms and conditions - Opens in a new browser window for other circumstances when this applies.


Personal details

* Denotes a required field

The allowed age range for this field is 16 - 74.
? You must be aged between 16 - 74.
? This is the amount of pensionable pay you would have been paid if you had not been absent from work. Your employer should provide you with this information.
? Unpaid authorised leave includes unpaid additional maternity or adoption leave, unpaid shared parental leave and unpaid parental bereavement leave. If your absence was unauthorised you cannot use this option – you should use the extra pension option instead.
? Select the section of the scheme you were in when you were absent from work. You will be in the main section unless you have elected for the 50/50 section.

Payment details

* Denotes a required field

? The last day you were absent from work.
? Only tick this option if you are making your election more than 30 days after returning to work and your employer has agreed in writing to meet two thirds of the cost.
? You can choose to pay by a lump sum deduction or regular deduction from your salary. You can also pay a lump sum directly to your local pension fund. Please note, your employer may require a minimum amount for regular payments – please check with them first to avoid your application being rejected.
? If you want to pay by regular deduction from your salary select how many years you want to spread the payments over.
? How often you are paid.


Yearly pension lost during absence £
cost to you (before tax relief) £
cost to your employer £
Total cost £
Years of agreement
Pension added to account each year of agreement £
Your age
Your Normal Pension Age (NPA) 65
Based on a cost of £ per £100 of lost pension (before tax relief)

About your results


Apply for lost pension

To apply for lost pension complete the personal details below, check the box to confirm you have read the terms and conditions, then either print or download the application form, and send it to your employer.

? Enter the name of your LGPS employer.
? Enter in the format AA123456D.
? If you want to buy lost pension in respect of more than one job you will need to complete an application form for each job.

To enter a digital signature and date click on 'sign and download application'. Alternatively, please print and complete the application and send to your employer.


Next steps

You should now send the application form to your employer for approval.

Your local pension fund will let you know if they require you to submit a medical report before your application can be accepted.

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