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For members of the Local Government Pension Scheme in Scotland

Contributions calculator



When you join the LGPS you pay a percentage of your pay towards the cost of your pension. Your employer decides the percentage based on how much you earn. If you earn enough to pay tax, you will receive tax relief on the contributions – this means the real cost is less than the amount you see on your payslip.

You can use this calculator to work out the percentage you will pay and the cost to you each pay period, before and after tax relief. You can also show the cost if you were to move to the 50/50 section of the LGPS.

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Pay figure above £250000 please check.
? The includes your normal salary, bonuses, overtime, shift allowance etc.
? How often you are paid.

Tax Allowance is set to £12,570 but if you know you have a different personal tax allowance please input here

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Contribution band Up to £27,794
Main scheme contribution rate 5.5%
Your contribution rate 5.5%
Your contributions before tax relief £ 0
Tax saving £ 0
Marginal tax rate 0%
Your contributions after tax relief £ 0.00

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Next steps

For information about joining the scheme and increasing or decreasing how much you pay, use the links below:

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